The Church: Consummate Change Agent for Contemporary Culture

Calling for Change

People throughout the world are longing for change.  Bill Hybels says there is no other organization on earth that can accomplish within the human heart the amazing life-changing transformations that Christ works through His Church.

Changing You Changes Culture

In the church:

  • people can learn to give their testimonies, which are public speaking skills all sales and customer service people need.
  • former drug abusers learn to overcome addictions, and
  • repentant  drug dealers turn their organizational and business acumen to lawful pursuits.
  • people can learn to run meetings, steer committees, handle budgets, and other activities that enhance their private lives and can create value in the market place.

Through the church people fall in love with Jesus, and they find something to sing about.  They pick up instruments laid aside long ago, or they learn new ones to express an amazing inward joy and peace that cannot be contained.

Leading the Church’s Corporate Change Continuum 

Our role as leaders within God’s church is seeing not only where people are, but what God is moving them to become. Our vision for people should transcend them merely coming to admire what we provide on Sunday mornings.  We need to have God’s heart for what they will do with their transformed lives.

The Three-Dimensional Leader ( instructs us how to value and assess not only what people can become, but also the process steps that help them get there.

Reaching Collective Potential 

The Body of Christ achieves robust synergy when our ever developing gifts are deployed into effective church ministries.  Since few do things well the first time we try them, trial and error must be factored into the change continuum process.

Are you seeing your congregation in 3-D?

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