The Three-Dimensions of Leadership

Many churches are being undermined by its one-dimensional Samson’s, who may be super gifted individuals, but fail to see the larger organizational needs. I-D leadership is about me and not the mission.

Other congregations fail to reach their potential because their two-dimensional Saul’s have an “us vs. them” mindset, against their up and coming Davids. II-D’s narrowly focus to do only what works for “us” in “our ministry.”

Other churches are growing in harmony because they are training their people to have a three-dimensional, Body of Christ perspective that empowers others from a sense of how “All our gifts must come together to accomplish what none of us can do alone!”   3-D Leadership achieves its mission to  the outcomes associated with peace in the land.

Unity Is not Homogeneity But Focused Synergy from Diversity

Achieving healthy congregations is like achieving good marriages. Both result from God drawing and bringing together contrasting people who learn and grow to be as one people of God.

Like good marriage counseling, why not give your congregational teams the advantage of Three-Dimensional Leadership principles that gives us practical Biblical strategies for resolving challenges to move forward in harmony together.  

New Wine Skins

The 3-D MRC mindset represents the transformational New Wine Skins that facilities the New Wine of Christ’s blessing for your church’s future. (Luke 5: 37-38)

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The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating your Mission, Resources and Context book and training programs unpack the 3-D MRC management system  that transformed common, everyday workplaces into highly cooperative and uncommonly productive environments. 

Earl C. Wallace developed the MRC concepts and theories, as he trained his teams in three different organizations to negotiate several accomplishments others thought were impossible to achieve. Others began requesting that he also help their organizations, so he wrote the book.

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