Pour New Thinking Into Your New Wine Skins

3-D MRC principles are based on the situations Judges faces in the Bible.

Understanding these situations help us know how to negotiate the local contexts in which our ministries operate.

Because the context is ever-changing, 3-D MRC principles prepare your team to manage the changes that effect church relevance and evangelism within your communities.  These concepts empower the Body of Christ to see how to take appropriate action to fulfill the Great Commission.

Want to Teach Your Church Leadership Skills to Accomplish These Goals?

  • Understand the five types of people who attend church and how to engage each so they will stay.
  • How the role of leaders today parallels that of Old Testament judges.
  • How each individual on your team can self-assess against the III-D Leadership model.
  • How to make your teams tick vs. ticking them off.
  • Establishing a culture of Friendly, Flexible Fellowship
  • Unify leaders who have the same focus and outlook.
  • How to get synergy from your team’s diversity.
  • How to synthesize your organization’s mission, vision and values into a step-by-step strategic plan.


Improve What People Do by Increasing What They Know

It is true that “people only can do what they know.” Unless they are willing to know new things, change is impossible.

Learning to lead requires us to learn how to learn.  Acknowledging, “I don’t know what I don’t know,” is an essential first step for life-long learners.

Three-Dimensional Leadership seminars will give your people the tools to grow from a loosely associated group of individuals into a well-focused, God-honoring, challenge overcoming team!


1-D leaders think it’s all about “me.”

2-D leaders must overcome “us vs. them” thinking.

3-D leaders focus on “we” all are in this together.