Healthy Bodies Grow

People Only Grow By What They Know

3-D MRC principles provide your team with the values, motivations and processes to achieve God’s goals through the Body of Christ, which is to achieve “synergy from its diversity of gifts.

There are 4 Types of Employees/Volunteers. One does a great job, and another has great potential. We teach how to identify and categorize them, and which one undermines organizational synergy, and which one is just not going to participate.

We teach employee/volunteer supervision, rewards and discipline based on Biblical examples, so your team overcomes the “politics that pollute” the church.

Learning How To Lead
Means Learning How To Learn

I believe that God gives every church what it needs to function as a healthy Body of Christ that fulfills its part of the Great Commission.  (Matthew 28:16-20) What stops us from fulfilling our potential, however, is pride.  Pride effects every believer, and motivates us

  • to believe that we don’t need to learn anything;
  • that we don’t need to submit nor cooperate;
  • that we can do everything by ourselves.

Pride causes frustration not only for us but also for others, whom are on our team.  Pride stunts the development, growth and increase of the Body of Christ.

How about you and your church? Is pride standing in the way of you and your team learning how to work together more effectively to fulfill your potential as the healthy, robust Body of Christ you believe you all can be?  

Improve What People Do
By Increasing What They Know

It is true that “people only can do what they know.” Unless we are willing to know new things, change is impossible.  If we do what we’ve always done, we will continue to get what we recently have gotten!  

Learning to lead requires us to learn how to learn.  Acknowledging, “I need to know what I don’t know,” is an essential first step for life-long learners.   

Three-Dimensional Leadership training provides the Biblical tools for us to grow from a group of loosely associated individuals into a well-coordinated, God-honoring, challenge overcoming Body of Christ team!

It compels us to self-assess against Biblical models to overcome the foibles that corrupt teams and prevent mission fulfillment.


1-D leaders think it’s all about “me.”

2-D leaders must overcome “us vs. them” thinking.

3-D leaders focus on how “we all work together.”