3-D Leadership is based on the type of leadership through which God works, as demonstrated in the book of Judges. Whenever you see leaders acting on the 3-D MRC principles, the result is peace in the land for 40 years or more.

2-D Leadership behaviors result in Old Testament Israel and today’s organizations failing to negotiate the external context of obstacles that hinder the organization from reaching its potential.

1-D behaviors needlessly cause internal problems that lead to civll wars, and organizational fractures.

The Roles of Leaders Today Parallels that of Old Testament Judges

We must discern God’s mission, deploy His resources and convert within the context

The Three-Dimensional “MRC” Pathway to Leadership Excellence

Earl C. Wallace is an international consultant, whose book The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context (MRC) provides a unique paradigm based on how the focus of the Judges determined fulfillment of God’s plan. At a recent session in Atlanta, GA (USA) pastors and church ministry leaders said this about Earl’s training sessions:

  • Best session of the week for pastors; great job!
  • Unique perspective on leadership – great for self-evaluation and growth planning.
  • Great, dynamic speaker – well prepared, informed, brings vast experiences to audience!
  • Speaker’s passion on the subject was awesome! Amazing class!
  • GREAT MATERIAL*; Needs to be presented in 2 or 3 sessions!
  • There was terrific information shared. Longer session please!
  • Most beneficial aspect of course: Leadership types based on Biblical leaders.
  • It clearly illuminated weakness and showed possibilities for future
  • It was too short and too relevant to be the last session of WFX.

Earl’s book and training provide instruction, examples and practical exercises rather than merely repeating the word “leadership.”

Leadership Principles that Achieve “Peace in the Land”

The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context (MRC), delivers a simple set of powerful principles that help us overcome the natural tendency for “each person to do what is right in his or her own eyes” as opposed to acting in unity when we synthesize your mission, vision and values into an actionable Biblical framework that facilitates fulfilling behavioral expectations.

1-D leaders think “it’s all about “me,” not the mission.
2-D leaders operate with an “us vs. them” attitude.
3-D leaders focus on how “we all are part of Christ’s Body.”


The 3-D MRC Book & Training Include these Principles:

  • Triple – C Synergy requires consistent: Communication, Cooperation and Coordination.
  • Triple – F Dynamic churches engage in Friendly, Flexible Fellowship.
  • The 4 – R’s of Effective Teams are: Realize, Respect, Respond and Reconcile.
  • Supervising and Coaching involves: Intervening to Improve people and situations.
  • Triple – T Delegation Dynamics are achieved by Training, Timing and Trusting.
  • Effective Change Management requires the right Motivation, Map & Message

Politics vs. Process:

Good process involves people doing the right things. Good politics is networking to mitigate and negotiate to encourage peers and others to participate in the good process that provide good outcomes.

Simple but Powerful Tools Overcome Politics with Improved Processes

While employees and volunteers at different levels require specific skills training, all of them need a 3-D MRC team focus to better achieve corporate objectives in all ministries. Whether in administration, edification, greeting, helps, hospitality, prayer, preaching, teaching, tech and/or worship, every ministry participant will benefit from 3-D MRC training that is broken down into simple terms that high school students readily grasp, yet add to the knowledge base of those with advanced degrees. Now that’s effective team building!