Church Leadership Training that motivates church leaders and teams to work together as healthy and unified Bodies of Christ as God intends.

The roles of leaders today parallels that of the Old Testament Judges. we must discern God’s mission, deploy His resources and convert within the context.

Earl C. Wallace wrote The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context after more than 30 years of ministry as a worship leader, youth group leader, elder, board member, local preacher, conference speaker, and interim pastor. He helped three churches to experience significant growth, with one doubling, one tripling and one quintupling in size!

Earl has successfully helped churches to merge using a four-step merge process.

Earl currently teaches two Bible studies a week, as part of a process that will involve stacking them into a church.

Biblically Based Church Leadership Training

3-D Leadership is based on the type of leadership through which God works, as demonstrated in the book of Judges. Whenever you see leaders acting on the 3-D MRC principles, the result is peace in the land for 40 years or more.

Employee and Volunteer Motivation and Management

3-D MRC principles provide your team with the values, motivations and processes to achieve God’s goals for the Body of Christ.

Negotiating the Community Context for Growth

3-D MRC principles are based on the situations Judges faces in the Bible. Understanding these situations help us know how to negotiate the local contexts in which our ministries operate.

3-D MRC Values

The 3-D MRC system is based upon the Biblical values through which God works in the book of Judges.


MISSION Matters Most

Value God’s mission above your own personal preferences.


Achieve “synergy from diversity” when each individual learns to work to their potential, while also being an effective team member.

Convert within the CONTEXT

Overcome challenges by adjusting to the context of “relevant variables” that impact ministry.


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